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If you want to offer your support, there are many ways for you to participate in partnership with SQUARE EYES. SQUARE EYES is only able to provide regular film offerings due to a strong and committed network of collaborators.

As a charitable organisation, SQUARE EYES actively seeks to build relationships with individuals, corporations, foundations and public supporters who share our aims.


We hope you will consider contributing in whatever way you may be able. We need your support to assist our commitment to introducing young New Zealand audiences to unique film experiences.

When you contribute to SQUARE EYES, you help make more film events available to the widest possible audience. It is with great appreciation that SQUARE EYES New Zealand Children's Film Foundation accepts these contributions on behalf of children across the country.


A partnership between your organisation and SQUARE EYES delivers exposure to a committed film-going audience. If you feel that your message might be aligned with an audience of families, educators, and schools, please contact us at for more information about SQUARE EYES sponsorship opportunities.

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