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The AROUND THE WORLD SATURDAY MATINEE series will screen weekly during May and June 2013, in partnership with the New Zealand Film Archive.

Come and travel with SQUARE EYES on a cinematic world tour - all without leaving the comfort of your New Zealand Film Archive cinema seat! On these adventures, you will see a thrilling mix of classic films and undiscovered gems that are certain to entertain, excite and inspire.

Presenting live-action and animated feature films, both old and new from all corners of the globe, the AROUND THE WORLD SATURDAY MATINEE screenings are a showcase for the very best of world cinema for young audiences. A unique film experience, these screenings are a great way to share a once a week film adventure.


Our age recommendations are intended to guide parents and guardians in selecting the most emotionally and intellectually appropriate films for their children.

While these recommendations are based on our Square Eyed knowledge, we recognise that all children respond to films in different ways and leave the final decision to the adults who know them best. We encourage you to select films that you feel to be suitable viewing based on the information provided and to accompany your child or children to the screenings.

If you have any particular questions or concerns about a films content, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at


In our aim to give children a broader perspective of what opportunities film offers internationally, Square Eyes is dedicated to introducing subtitled foreign-language film.

We wish to create a supportive atmosphere for our audience to view subtitled film, so will present a few of our screenings in their original language, providing both an entertaining and cultural experience for young audiences.

These films are primarily visual and children will understand much of the story without reading. Some children will be willing to read subtitles, if they are reading in general, some will just want to watch the images, others may like to be read to.

We look forward to seeing you at these subtitled screenings and welcome any feedback you may have for us.

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