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SQUARE EYES New Zealand Children's Film Foundation has been established to acquaint New Zealand children, and those who accompany them, to the world of quality and diverse children's film.

Dedicated to enriching the filmic experience of children in New Zealand by making world cinema accessible to them, SQUARE EYES New Zealand Children's Film Foundation enthusiastically promotes the importance and impact of quality filmmaking, film availability and media literacy. Young New Zealand audiences rarely get a chance to see films as a collective viewing experience that reflects anything beyond the contemporary mainstream. SQUARE EYES screenings and events look to offer an alternative.

A not-for-profit organisation, Square Eyes was formally launched at the 2005 New Zealand International Film Festival, and has continued this partnership with inclusion in the Festivals programming over the last six years. In 2006 and 2007 Square Eyes ran a monthly Sunday film programme entitled Around the World Passport which is scheduled for return in 2012. In March 2010 Square Eyes had a full day of film programmed within the New Zealand International Festival of the Arts.

SQUARE EYES presents cinema from around the world, introducing children to new ideas and different cultural perspectives through a familiar medium. Although primarily dedicated to those between five and twelve, SQUARE EYES events are suitable for all, presenting films that are ageless, celebrating a wide array of complex visions by filmmakers who are dedicated to creating work for young audiences.

As the only organisation of its kind in the country, Square Eyes introduces young New Zealand audiences to a selection of imaginative, original and consistent film, helping to define a more compelling and thought-provoking national children's film culture.

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